Boss's: two women with donuts

Happy Boss’s Day

On October 16 staff at Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center celebrated their boss, Ruby Pigman, for National Boss’s Day. Ruby is an exceptionally caring and hard working leader. Team Knott is so proud of her and appreciates everything she has done for the home.

therapy: a dog on the couch with two women

A visit from Hoss, a therapy dog

Hoss is the resident visiting therapy dog at Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center. The residents just absolutely adore him and look forward to many more visits. Thank you Ashley Moore, therapist, for sharing Hoss with the residents and bringing much happiness to their lives.

dementia Activities: woman knitting

Activities for Seniors with dementia

When seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia can’t participate in daily activities, they can easily become bored. Boredom can lead to agitation, anxiety, depression, and anger. It can increase their chances of sundowning. There are ways to prevent boredom with activities. This will get them engaged and help reduce their risk for need of medication for…

a woman holding up a painted rock

Rock painting activity

The other day, residents at Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center painted some rocks for their activity. They could not believe their artistic talent and had a wonderful time.

routines: Smiling senior patient sitting on wheelchair with nurse supporting her. Doctor looking at elderly patient on a wheelchair in the garden. Nurse holding hand of mature woman outside pension home.

Caregiving routines make daily life easier

Routines make daily life simpler and smoother for caregivers which is in fact a top priority when caring for an older adult. Daily routines can reduce uncertainty, arguments, and decision-making, which in turn can reduce the overall stresses of life. 5 ways routines can make life simpler are: Stop the power struggle – people hate…

Gingerbread: a man smiling at the camera pointing at a cup of ice cream

Gingerbread Festival

Staff from Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center had a booth at the Gingerbread Festival the other day. There was Soft Serve Ice cream cones, chocolate and caramel sundae, hot fudge sundae, apple dumplings, gingerbread delight, no fried ice cream desserts, and their award winning Fresh baked Gingerbread. They also served vanilla latte, iced coffees,…

Peach: woman smiling at the camera with peach cobbler and ice cream in a bowl

Homemade Peach Cobbler

Residents at Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center had some fun the other day peeling and prepping some peaches. These peaches were used to create a yummy homemade peach cobbler. The best part? Eating the cobbler with some cold ice cream. Residents had a great time getting things ready for their delicious treat.

quality: Senior Couple Sitting On Outdoor Seat Together Laughing

5 ways to improve Senior quality of life

Good quality of life is important when it comes to older adults dealing with chronic health conditions and major life changes. Having that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment is important for overall well-being. Having a positive view of life can help seniors with more energy, less stress, better appetite, and prevent cognitive decline. 5 ways…