About Us

Knott County in Eastern Kentucky is home to the famous Hindman Settlement School and Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes, Kentucky. Knott County is famous for our Adventure Tourism, mountain heritage, and we are widely known as the “Elk Capital” of the East. Our Health and Rehabilitation Center is committed to providing above standard quality of care with our 24 hour skilled nursing staff, physician services, laboratory, pharmacy services, radiology and therapy.

Our dedicated staff at Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoys contributing to our beautiful community every day.

Our small town is rich in mountain heritage and tradition. Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center captures the essence of our community’s heritage and brings it to life in our resident’s daily activities. Bean stringing, patting out gingerbread, quilt shows and gospel singing are just a few activities that our residents enjoy and relate to.

Self esteem and self worth play a vital role in our residents’ well being. Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center provides activities that pamper our residents and make them feel like the special people they are.

Keeping our residents involved in community events is important. Relay for Life and our annual Gingerbread Festival are just a few of the events that our residents participate in and enjoy while  maintaining that community connection.

An added wing has provided our facility with a new therapy room, physicians’ office with the capabilities of providing in-house exams, a bird aviary, a 120 gallon fish aquarium, a new dining room addition that leads out to a resident patio and several spacious day rooms all of which include large flat screen TVs. Beautifully decorated, our facility is a true home away from home.

We invite you to visit our facility and see first hand our home away from home.

They say home is where the heart is and our heart is at the Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center.


  • 1996 – State Wide Community Involvement
  • 1996 – State Wide Nursing
  • 2000 – Eastern District Nursing, Medical Records and Medical Director
  • 2000 and 2001 – Eastern District Facility of the Year
  • 2001 – State Wide Newsletter of the Year
  • 2003 – State Wide Community Involvement
  • 2003 – State Wide Media Award (WKCB Radio)
  • 2003 – Eastern District Environmental Services
  • 2004 – State Wide Nurse Aide
  • 2004 – Eastern District Activities, Nursing and Environmental Services
  • 2005 – Eastern District Nursing
  • 2006 – State Wide Nurse Aide
  • 2006 – Eastern District Nursing
  • 2008 – State Wide Community Involvment
  • 2008 – State Wide Nursing
  • 2008 – State Wide Media (WKCB Radio)
  • 2008 – Eastern District Physician Services
  • 2009 – Best Places to Work

Who We Are

Administrators Week

Ruby Pigman began her career at Knott County Health & Rehabilitation Center in 1995 as the Director of Nursing. She has been the Administrator since 2009. In 2015, she was recognized as KAHCF Administrator of the Year.

Hollie Thacker began her career at Knott County Health & Rehabilitation Center in 1997. She ensures all residents stay involved in the community and provides them with many individual and group activities, like crafting, quilting, and fun games.  Many of our residents describe Hollie as their Best Friend.

Michelle Beber began her career working at Knott County Health & Rehabilitation Center in 2015. She loves to visit with each resident and learn about their food favorites and preferences!